Friday, 12 October 2018

Set of four pink, rosette repeat patterned printable Christmas money, gift card or cheque envelopes sample print.

Set of four rosette repeat pattern money gift envelopes from A four Printables.
Four printable money, gift card or cheque envelopes.

Click on the links to download a free sample colour test for you to print before you buy.

Download A4 size free sample print.

Download letter size free sample print.

The full size set of four rosette repeat patterned money gift envelopes are available from A four Printables on Etsy.

Set of four printable money gift envelopes for cash or gift cards, to print and make at home, suitable for Christmas. One design in four colours supplied. Includes a shadow effect area to hand write your own message.

FINISHED ENVELOPE SIZE - 9 x 16 cm cm. Perfect size for up to a £20 note, could also be used for gift cards or cheques.

They're easy to use, download the file, print the sheets onto good quality white paper or thin card, cut out the envelopes, fold along the dotted lines and glue together. 

This design was first published 12/10/2018.

Currently unavailable on Etsy.

A four Printables Etsy shop.

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