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I would love make finished craft items using A four Printables or Crafty Ferret downloads to sell on my charity or craft stall or via the internet but the copyright doesn't allow me to.

Sorry I do not allow items to be made to sell using my free or purchased downloads.

I run craft classes and would like to use Crafty Ferret downloads to teach crafting techniques to others, does the copyright allow me to do this?

All free Crafty Ferret downloads are for personal use only and may not to be shared with others.

How do I view and print a Crafty Ferret free download?

When you click on a picture or button to view a design the Dropbox file will open in another tab. Before you print the design you will need to download and save the file by clicking the download button. This is usually located in the top right hand corner of your screen. You then need to open the saved PDF file using a PDF reader program such as Adobe Acrobat Reader. The download can be printed from the saved file. Make sure the 'none' or 'Actual size' box is checked and 'fit to page' is NOT selected before pressing print.

Why don't my printed downloads come out the same colour as they appear on the screen?

The designs I produce are only tested on one home printer, mine, as all printers are different I can't guarantee that the colours your printer produces will look the same as the images on your computer screen. My latest designs have all been tested using two different qualities of paper. First I set my printer to its default 'plain paper' setting and use a standard cheap printer paper, then I set my printer to its 'premium photo paper' setting and use a better quality printer paper. The colours on the two prints can be quite different. The 'plain paper' setting produces colours that are much lighter than the 'premium' setting but both print out darker than they appear on my computer screen. I try to design patterns that work on both settings by creating a good contrast between colours (not using two colours that are almost the same) and keeping the designs simple so that complex detail isn't lost when using a default print setting. My best advice is to try a few different printer settings and paper qualities until you find a setting and paper that you are happy with.

When will you be adding new products?

I'm in the process of learning and developing as a surface pattern designer so I'm constantly working on new ideas for A four Printables and Stitching Pictures. Each product takes a while to design and process so progress is quite slow. Apart from the design test print samples I will not be adding any new free downloads.

Is it OK to add a link from my blog or website to any of the Crafty Ferret products or to share your images to Pinterest or Instagram?

Yes, free publicity is always welcome but please be aware that I sometimes have to change the titles of blog pages or move designs to a different location so your link would no longer work. This would create a broken link that would look unprofessional on your page or profile. Please give all credit to Judith Drew, A four Printables or Crafty Ferret.

What are PDF files and do you supply the designs in other formats.

Portable Document Files or PDF's are easy to use static files that can't be altered, resized or cropped so will print as a full A4 sheet with all the text and a white border. For ease of designing and printing I have decided not to supply my designs in any other file formats.

Do you supply your designs in sizes other than A4.

As I only have a standard A4 UK home printer I can't test my designs in other sizes so I have decided to only supply A4 size designs.

Why don't you show a price next to the downloads on this blog?

In the future I'm hoping to have many hundreds of designs. If for any reason I have to change my prices the job of updating the price on every blog post will be very time consuming. The correct prices are shown on the Etsy listings.

Why do you have advertising on this blog?

The tiny amount of money I make from the adverts on this blog help with my running costs. They are a necessary evil that I've kept to a minimum.

FAQ's last updated 23/11/2017.

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